Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Ultimate Orange Julius!

I have fond memories of visiting the mall as a kid and picking up an Orange Julius. A few years ago, I decided to stop at The Orange Tree and give the Orange Frost a try, as it's the next closest thing since Orange Julius left town. It was a palatable substitution. Unfortunately, they must have changed the formula because the Orange Frost I tasted the last time I visited was a huge disappointment. I predict it will go the way of the New Coke. *sigh* Thank goodness I bookmarked this treasure the last time I had an Orange Julius fix. Try it (if you like orange juice). I think you'll like it!


Christian & Jennifer said...

This will sound pathetic, but somehow . . . our blender didn't make it to Colorado with us. And we haven't yet purchased a new one. I know. How can I function without the occasional smoothie? (Because I SERIOUSLY love those . . .) Let's just say that we will be getting one shortly because this Orange Julius recipe looks perfect.

Red said...

I used to wrok in a mall and I never saw the attraction to Julius. Don't get me wrong, I love OJ(the juice...not the man) but never saw how poeple went bonkers to Julius's.

Glad the give you such fond memories though. We all have little things that make us smile.