Saturday, June 28, 2008

Freebie Friday (on Saturday) - Free Faxing!

Recently, we switched phone companies and somehow lost the ability to make long distance calls. Of course, this oddity wasn't discovered until I needed to send a fax. Right then. Around midnight. So, I immediately turned to the Internet to look for an alternative as well as an inexpensive way to send my fax. That's when I stumbled onto At this site, you can send up to two free faxes per day (max of 3 pages each) without having to use your telephone line. This is especially handy for those among us who strictly use a cell phone and have opted out of a landline. After you complete the easy, online form and upload any attachments, press send and you receive an email from Faxzero asking that you click on the link inside the email to confirm your fax transmission. The service will attempt to fax your document(s) up to five times. You receive another email indicating whether or not your fax request was completed.

While the fax is free, an ad is displayed on the fax cover page (in my case, it was an add for, or an ad-free version is available for a fee of $1.99. So far I have had great success with this service. If that changes, however, I'll be sure to post a follow-up.

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Christian & Jennifer said...

Thank you! I sometimes need to fax documents regarding our rental property or my software training business, but we only use cell phones. My husband had to sneak into work and fax these documents and now we don't have to do that anymore!