Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tackling the Email Inbox & the Secret to Happiness

Organizing is not my thing, though I do love to try. Funny how others have commented to me about how organized I appear. I guess in certain ways I am, but in ways that matter most to me, I could use some work! Anyway, one thing I've noticed lately is that my email inbox has become very, very cluttered. For years, I have subscribed to a number of e-newsletters that I now find myself deleting without ever opening them. Do you find yourself in this same situation? If so, take some time over the next week to scrutinize your inbox. If you are deleting emails before you even read them, considering opening the email and clicking on the "unsubscribe" link.


And, finally, something cute my 3 yr old ("Delta") said to me today:

Delta: Pulling up her sleeve and grinning gloriously she exclaims proudly, "Look!" (Although I have hair eyes, I turn around to see what she is eager to show me.)

Me: With playful astonishment, "Oh, my! What is that...butterflies?" (She had stamped her arm from shoulder to wrist with a little butterfly stamp.) "Why did you do that?"

Delta: With all sincerity, "Because I want to be happy!"


Red said...

I love to declutter. I like orginization but I still find it difficult get my bee-hind in gear. My daughter is good in the fact that she will sit with me and help me with my decluttering.

But it feels soooooooo good when something...anything is clean.

Synia--Help end pet overpopulation, spay/neuter your pets! said...

I actually did that very thing a few months ago, as I had way too many newsletters coming that I never had time to read, however there are actually a few of them that still come even though I have tried several times to unsuscribe....annoying!

Wild Squirrel said...

Red, My oldest is also good at decluttering...maybe it skips a generation!

Synia, I hope I don't have that same problem with unsubscribing. Those little newsletters add up!