Thursday, May 22, 2008

Raider of the Lost Art

I went to a class recently about canning food. I've never canned anything. Except maybe a boyfriend. I'm not sure what this has to do with letter writing except they both seem to be lost arts. Sure, lots of folks are blogging, but how many of us have written a letter, an honest to goodness snail mail letter, in the last, oh, three months? Six months? One year? Some time back I discovered an online letter writing course. I think I'll finally add it to my summer to-do list. Just as important as the words, however, I cherish a nice set of stationary with matching envelopes. It gives me a nostalgic feeling to break open the package and marry pen to paper. But, no time for it now. I've got emails to send... :)


Danette said...

I LOVE Canning. I have canned tomatoes and some jellies. Jellies are not the healthiest, due to all the sugar you need. but heck, the tomatoes are delicious.

Not that difficult, but most definitely time consuming. I guess you could do some of the prep work in stages, but even the canning part iself it a lot of time.

If you could find a friend to do this with it would be all the better. Good luck in your venture.

Wild Squirrel said...

I have my eye on a few pressure canners/cookers on ebay. Hopefully one of them will pan out! I should have qualified the "never done canning" part. I have dry packed, but wet canning is a whole new thing to me!