Monday, May 12, 2008

Paying for Expensive Health Care

Recently, we encountered some annoying yet necessary health-related expenses. Since I am practicing sticking to a budget and the expense exceeds what I have allotted in our monthly "medical/health care" fund, I was delighted when my sister told me about CareCredit. Once approved, you can use "CareCredits" like a credit card to pay for your (or even your pet's) health-related expenses with NO INTEREST for up to 18 months (if your provider participates in the no interest plan). Imagine my delight when I discovered that we could pay for the bill INTEREST FREE while waiting for the health care flexible spending account check to arrive (flexible spending accounts are another post entirely--you should take advantage of it if your employer offers one!). Everyone wins--the doctor gets his $$$, and we get the doctor's services now with NO INTEREST! Did I mention the NO INTEREST part? I just love a good deal, but I loathe carrying a balance. So, we'll get the expense paid off quickly without incurring any interest or upsetting the budget! Oh, happy day!

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