Friday, May 30, 2008

Flannel Board DIY

A couple of years ago I got my hands on a copy of The Flannel Board Storytelling Book. I instantly fell in love. I decided I would have to make the perfect flannel board. Two years passed. I hadn't found the perfect materials in the right combination (compared to the perfect image in my mind). So, like most of my visionary crafts, I forgot about it. If I didn't do it perfectly, I couldn't do it! (Obviously I have an obsession with making things just right--must be why I don't get a lot of crafty things done). Then, I saw Scribbit's post about her family's flannel board. I was inspired again! And then did nothing.

The other day I was reading Dora books to my 4 yr old (seen peeking over the top of the board--nice view up the nose, right?) and just couldn't take another Dora story. I just couldn't! I decided to distract her by making a flannel board. I pulled out some flannel I bought about a hundred years ago, cut one of my oldest daughter's old science boards in thirds, and then stapled away! What you see before you is my humble little flannel board. It is not the "right" color, it's sort of small, and it doesn't fold up the way I envisioned, but at least we're adding variety to our afternoon play and I don't have this project looming over me anymore! Now to add to our flannel board figure collection (which I started from a set of cookie cutters and a scrap piece of yellow felt)...I'm getting tired of Five Little Ducks. It's always something, isn't it?

Thanks, Scribbit!

Edited on May 30, 2008: Oops! That's actually some felt I had on hand. It works great in place of flannel!

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funfelt said...

This is so cool! I also like the stuff from Story Time Felts!