Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hypermilers and Jack-Rabbits

What do hypermilers and jack-rabbits have in common? Not much. Imagine the following test question on the SAT:

Hot is to Cold as Hypermiler is to _______.

a) Fluffy Bunnies
b) Marshmallow Peeps
c) Jack-Rabbits

If you guessed C, you are correct!

Like many of us, I am always interested in finding ways to conserve, whether it be money, time, or fuel. In researching the issue I learned about hypermilers like Wayne Gerdes who will do practically ANYTHING (regardless of safety), to double (or more) his MPG. At the other end of the spectrum are jack-rabbits, or those folks who drive extremely aggressively without any regard for fuel economy. These are the people who speed up when they see a red light, only to have to slam on brakes, or who take off from a dead stop, hitting over 3000 RPMs in a matter of seconds. I consider myself somewhere in between.

In the end, rather than give you more tips than you can shake a tire gauge at, I leave you with 7 More Fuel-Sipping Myths Debunked to help you sort through the "helpful" suggestions you've been hearing about.

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