Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Target Haul

I have been working on my couponing skills the last several months, trying to stretch our dollars. I had an excellent day at Target, thanks to 75% off select school supplies and 18 (count 'em! 18!!!) peelies (coupons found on the shelf) I found in combination with clearance prices on Garnier Fructis styling products and shampoo/conditioner. Woohoo! This is what I got for a total of $31.73 (after coupons and clearance prices)--I should mention, the Yoplait Yogurt was consumed by a certain 4 year old before we even made it home. So, it's not pictured. The loot includes:

36 bottles of Garnier Fructis styling products, shampoo, and conditioner ($1.08 for each two bottle pack after coupons)
4 poly three-prong folders w/pockets (.07 each)
1 cute puppy 3-ring binder (oh how I wish they'd had 3...the little ones will fight over this for sure!) (.74)
3 small plastic school boxes (.17 each)
3 puppy and kitten folders (.12 each)
40 three-prong two-pocket portfolios (4 pks of 10 at .25/pk)
4 large plastic school boxes (.67 each)
10 70-page spiral notebooks (2 pks of 5 at .12 each)
1 Physician's Formula Bronzer/Eye Shadow/Liner ($2.74)
1 Yoplait Yogurt (.52)

I had an even better haul from Walgreens, but I was tired Saturday evening from two shopping trips and so many bags I couldn't lay it all out to take a photo! On those trips, my total before rebates and coupons was $84....I ended up paying $23 (once I receive the Easy Saver rebates in a few weeks).


On a side note, I was driving our 6 year-old home from dance class today, listening to talk radio. The reporter kept mentioning McCain over and over. After a few minutes, "Charlie" hollered, "ALL THEY TALK ABOUT IS HURRICANES!" "No, sweetie," I replied, "they are talking about Mc-Cain....not hurricanes!" Although, both have been in the news a lot lately!

And, on a sad note, I had several other cute things the kiddos have said over the past several weeks that I have been saving, but as I went to download the sound files from my PDA (because I can't possibly remember them all), I discovered the mic is not working. All I hear is static! So, while I thought I had the 4 year-old's ("Delta") reaction to her first day of preschool on my handy dandy mobile recording device...alas, I have nothing! Thank goodness I made a couple of notes in my journal.

Isn't modern technology wonderful?


one day in the life of me said...

WOW!! I need to start doing the CVS/Walgreens thing. I read on so many blogs about all the savings they are getting.

Great Deals!

Janelle Heath said...

Great Haul Wild Squirrel! I think I might be going to Target right after work. Now tell me your secrets of coupons. Which coupons do I need to take with me to maximize my deals. I successfully scored at Target's school supply clearance last year and still have plenty of colored pencils/crayons but all the other stuff I'm out of!! Thanks for the tip.

P.S. Did you buy them out of everything or is there still plenty left?

Wild Squirrel said...

It's easy once you get the rhythm, Erin.

And, Janelle, I did leave a few on the shelf. I hope you snagged some today! No big secrets on the coupons--just found the peelies at one store and the deals at another! It was pure luck this time. I did have a few IPs, and some from the paper, but I used those at Walgreens last Saturday. It really pays to take those coupons with you everywhere you go!

Christian & Jennifer said...

What a score! Congrats, Wild Squirrel! (It makes me giggle whenever I say that.) I can't believe what you got for $31! And I love the "hurricane" story. Too funny.