Monday, September 22, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I'll apologize from the start; I just had to do a follow-up on the French Toast Sticks (again) we first ate a couple of weeks ago. I prepared them last week without slicing the bread first and the whole process went a lot faster. The kids love them either way.

On to this week's menu, which includes a family favorite as suggested by

Meatless Monday

Breakfast: Amish Friendship Bread (with a bit of chocolate pudding and peanut butter chips mixed in!)

Dinner: Real Mac and Cheese -- baked in the oven -- made with elbow macaroni, butter, grated cheddar, eggs and milk (our family favorite!...some day I'll measure while I cook at put together the recipe)

Tried and True Tuesday

Breakfast: Cereal

Dinner: Chili

Work less on Wednesday

Breakfast: Oatmeal

Dinner: Lemon pepper salmon, baked potato, salad

Thanksgiving Thursday (named after traditional post-Thanksgiving menu planning)


First Time Friday

Breakfast: Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Honey Syrup (repeat - got bumped last week)

Dinner: On my own...everyone has something to do....

Simple Saturday

Breakfast: Grits

Dinner: Chicken and Rice, green beans, rolls

Slow Cooker Sunday

French Toast Casserole

Dinner: Bachelor's Roast

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one day in the life of me said...

I am going to have to try the peanut butter chips next in the bread. I did vanilla, coconut and pecans this time. I like it but I don't think Josh did.