Friday, September 5, 2008

How Did I Do This Before?

I returned to work last week, though I never really left. Sort of. You may recall that I left a full-time job about four years ago to spend more time with my husband and children and start up a part-time resume writing business. And then, early this year, I stumbled on the perfect-for-me position in my field at one of my favorite places to find legitimate virtual opportunities, Work At Home Mom. With the youngest now in school for several hours each day a few days a week, it was a match made in heaven! But, MAN, am I exhausted! And I only worked for 10 hours last week and about 13 this week! Actually, I worked far more than that trying to get my systems/checks and balances in place. I did a lot of reading, too, learning about the company, the clients, and the policies and procedures. And more procedures. And more policies. On top of that, I shopped for a new computer since my dear Dell is on its last leg. How I'll miss her so. (We just can't stand to part ways permanently yet, so she'll have a special place in the house where the kids can easily access her until she croaks for good. If nothing else, I won't be competing with requests for coloring pages and when I need to get something done. How did we become a two-computer family? I never thought I'd see the day.)

This brings me to my thought that got me writing again this week...HOW DID I DO THIS BEFORE working three times as many hours in one week? I suppose we rise to meet the challenge, whatever it may be, and adjust ourselves accordingly. Lots of people ask me how I did it, working full-time (and then some!) with a hubby who worked nights and four children (three under the age of 5 at the time). Funny, since I look around and see families with 5, 6, or even more children, and some single parents, and ask myself (or their parents), HOW DO YOU DO IT? My burdens seem small compared to what I imagine theirs to be. It's all relative. And It's All the Same to the Clam.*

While I've REALLY missed the blogging this week, I can already see the silver lining in my working-class cloud: a few hours each day to do something I enjoy (I think of it as a hobby and a job since I relish what I'm doing so much) and an excuse for a new computer to boot (literally)!

Note: I do not know the owner of the Etsy shop associated with the link above, but I do like the clam poem by Shel Silverstein she printed there. And now I don't have to type it for you to read. :)


elora said...
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elora said...

Link to clam poem only goes to - no clam poem in site. (I searched diligently-promise.)

Wild Squirrel said...

Thanks, elora. All fixed now!