Sunday, August 17, 2008

Frugal Dilemma: Toilet Paper Wasters

Never in my life have I seen such waste in the bathroom (except lengthy showers...but that's another post). Our three youngest (known here as Beta-8, Charlie-6, and Delta-4) are toilet paper superusers! I have implemented a number of strategies to get this problem under control from squishing the toilet paper roll so that it doesn't spin easily on the holder to being the human toilet paper dispenser. The former doesn't work for us and the latter is rather time consuming. Maybe I should install one of those folded/square toilet paper dispensers like they do at school...and then not fill it, like they do at school...

I did find a few ideas here. Suggestions anyone?


Red said...

You may just have to be in there when they use it....OMG I just had a brainstorm. You know striaght up they are so not going to want you in there with them.

So tell them that if the toilet paper usage does not slow down they will have 2 options (Of course they will hate both MUAHAHAHA).

1) You stay in there while they use the bathroom to observe just how much toilet paper they are using. (I would love to see the looks on their faces)

2) That before they enter the bathroom they have to find you and you will dispense what you deem a necessary amount for thee upcoming "project" (Girls needing a bit more for obvious reasons)

Is that evil enough for you, cuz it is working for me!!! Good luck!

Wild Squirrel said...

Thanks for the tips, Red! I think I found the worst offender in offending action this very evening...the four year old had about a 3 ft stretch of TP when I yanked the roll away (in the nicest way possible!) and she immediately stated, "ONLY three!" So, she obviously knows the rule that she should be able to...conduct business...with, on average, three sheets. Now, if she'll just embrace it without me standing over her!