Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Grade Rites of Passage

The girls made it through their first day back at school unscathed. Of the three who started back this week (Alpha, Beta, and Charlie), Charlie, the first grader, had the most life-altering experience of all...

At Charlie's school, kindergartners are not permitted to play on the biggest, fastest, most intimidating slide in the school yard. So, after school that first day, she got in the car, lifted her chin just a bit, dramatically closed her eyes as if to relive the moment in her mind and spoke deliberately, "I rode {short dramatic pause} THE SILVER BULLET!"

Had I known this rite of passage would come so soon, I would have hidden behind the bushes until recess and snapped a photo of the momentous occasion.* I'll have to remember to capture this moment when Delta is in first grade a couple of years from now!

*(And, I would have at least had a picture of The Silver Bullet to show you all had Fay not caused school to be canceled for two days this week!)


The Cooking Lady said...

I remember when my children were in the school system and running around to get all they need, it was fun and I miss it a wee bit, but now that we homeschool, we are not bound by the schools set of rules. Yippee!

But watching them move forward was pure joy.

P.S. It's me Red

Lindsay said...

Sounds like the SILVER BULLET was a BLAST!

Wild Squirrel said...

Hi, Red! I like your cooking site. :)

Yep, Lindsay, I'd say it was!