Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Giant Carrot

How can this be? Click on The Giant Carrot in my profile (listed as one of my favorite books), and you will find that (as of today) I am
THE ONLY PERSON IN ALL OF BLOGGER-LAND that has fallen in love with this whimsical book by Jan Peck. Maybe it's the southerner in me that gets into the twangy dialect as I read this out loud to my adoring fans this summer (and that includes the 15 yr old who overheard as I was reading to her younger siblings). Or, could be that the star of the book is a fun-loving little girl, of which we have four! It's most likely NOT the recipe at the end of the book. That's probably not fair to say, though, since I haven't tried it yet. Bottom line-I feel it is my moral obligation to introduce you to this adorable book! You might find a copy at the local library--ours has 13 copies, all of which are currently on the shelf. Go figure.

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one day in the life of me said...

we'll have to look for that on our next trip to the library.