Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thrifty Thursday - How I $aved 48% on Automobile Insurance

I was reading a post recently at Clever Dude that triggered my own curiosity about how much I could save on my auto insurance. A few years ago I called around and got quotes that were the same or worst than our rates. This time, however, I secured a rate that is around 48% less than our (then) current policy! In fact, by switching we went from a company with one of the worst customer service reputations to one of the best in the business.

Since Clever Dude's insurance company isn't quoting rates in my area, I contacted three companies based on the following: our credit union's recommendation, a company I read about at Clark Howard's website, and the company who carries our homeowner's insurance. With each phone call, I became a little more giddy with excitement--the rates got better and better! Finally, we settled on Amica. The agent was so helpful and knowledgeable, I can not begin to describe what a pleasurable experience this was. Honestly, I sometimes shrink at the thought of making major changes, but Vivian's expertise really put me at ease. I only wish she were able to quote me a price for homeowner's insurance! I'll tackle that monster next. Living in Florida, it's a bit more difficult to make the switch since it has been hard to even find a company that is writing policies in our state. So, if you are interested in receiving a quote from Amica, I'm including the contact information for the representative who assisted me below. She just asked that I let everyone know that Amica is a "preferred risk company and [the] rates are based on a clear driving record." You can request an online quote here, or reach the wonderful lady who helped me:

Vivian Heidel
Amica Insurance
1 888 887 9313, Ext. 37537

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