Friday, July 18, 2008

Freebie Friday: Carl Griffith's Sourdough Starter

About a month ago, I decided to begin making ALL of our sandwich bread and rolls from scratch. I have been making our rolls (dinner rolls, hamburger rolls, etc.) for quite some time, so it wasn't a big deal to add in the sandwich bread. Hot dog buns...that poses a different problem. I haven't experimented with those yet. As luck would have it, about three weeks into it my daughter answered an early Saturday morning call and was told, "Congratulations! You've won $20 in free bread!" I remember the day I entered the was the day I was buying hot dog buns for our July 4th gathering. And just when we were settling into homemade bread. I suppose I could have used all $20 to buy hot dog buns, but my freezer wasn't ready for that. So, I have taken a hiatus from baking homemade bread until we use up the $20 in free bread. And that's a good thing, because "the funk" (as one of my friend's calls it) has been making it's way around our family and I've not been spared. I will, however, spare you with the details of my icky illness and get on with Friday's Freebie which, luckily, I discovered some time last week. Otherwise, this post probably wouldn't have made it to press.

Without further delay, I bring you a link to obtain your very own FREE 1847 Carl Griffith's Sourdough Starter. They say vintage starter is the best, right? What could be better than 150 year-old FREE starter? Enjoy, and while you're waiting for that starter to arrive, read more about Carl Griffith or visit the site started by his sourdough fans. You can even find recipes and photos such as this yummy-looking Oatmeal Bread and step-by-step instructions for making this artistic Banneton Boule. the website states, the starter is "cultured, dried, and mailed under sanitary, but not sterile, conditions by a volunteer who adheres to the methods used and recorded by Carl Griffith. It is not certified as a foodstuff. If you are allergic or reactive to any of its components, we guarantee that you will be allergic or reactive to it."

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