Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cannibalistic Vegetarianism...or Something Like That

Yesterday I picked up some beautiful, fresh green beans that I decided to save for Easter dinner. I thought I should blanch them before I freeze them--I heard that's how you keep them from turning an ugly black color between now and then. Anyway, I saved the water from last night when I blanched them to water my tomato plants today. It occurred to me later...does that make my tomato plants sort of cannibalistic?


Anonymous said...

LOL. Hmmm... maybe if it were tomato blanching water. But a tomato gobbling up green bean remnants might be akin to a human eating a chimp - not cannibalism per se... but almost as horrifying.

The Cooking Lady said...

Too funny. I however, save my pasta and potato water and dump it on my plants.

Olivia said...

We compost, and mix it with the garden soil. Just as bad.