Friday, November 21, 2008

I saw Twilight!

Okay - I did it. I went to a movie at midnight on the opening day, something I don't think I've ever done. I'd like to say it was for my 15 year old's sake, but actually she backed out and I still wanted to go! Then, at the last minute, she changed her mind. (I wasn't gonna let her miss school to do so, so it was a tough decision--we came to a compromise, she is sleeping through first period and off to school after that!) Here's some background, and here's some reviews. Like one reviewer said, don't go into it comparing it to the book--you might be disappointed. And, overlook a few corny (IMHO) scenes. Then, you just might enjoy it!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Buyer Beware!

Homeschooling and Frugal has a great article posted here about how product prices aren't necessarily changing, but the amount of product you are paying for is. I always shop by the price per unit--this is one way to catch them in the act! In fact, by doing so, I realized this weekend that the Walmart brand of lemon juice concentrate is now more expensive than buying the name brand in bluk at my local Sam's Club. A few months ago it was just the opposite (by a large margin).

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Letting It Go

It's been real, and it's been fun...lately, though, it's not been real fun. I enjoy posting about great deals and how to save money, but I've found an even more rewarding blog theme--my family! I've started a new blog to chronicle the lives of my favorite people, and, well...something has to go. I will post here now and again when I see something really worthwhile, or if I decide to enter one of Scribbit's Write Away contests. Most of my blogging, however, will be reserved for my family. Thanks to everyone who stops by to comment--I'll still be here, but probably not nearly as often. See you 'round the blogosphere!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Freebie Friday: FREE Mason Jars

Now that the big harvest is over, Mason jars are hard to come by. When you do find them, they are a bit more pricey than when you bought them back in the summer (unless, of course, you got them at clearance prices at the end of the summer or from a garage sale or friend). In any event, you can obtain jars for FREE from the grocery store by scouting for goods sold in these gems. Okay, so they aren't free, but it's like getting them for free if you have a need for the goods sold inside of them anyway. For example, at Walmart the store brand salsa is bottled in a Mason jar that accepts a regular size canning lid (but not the ring). After you empty the contents, you can use these jars to vacuum seal your leftover Halloween candy! Or maybe store some rice, pasta, or raisins. The possibilities are limitless! Note: The threads do not line up correctly with the rings to use them for traditional canning (water bath or pressure).

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How Many Cups in a Pound of...

Check out this helpful website that lists a variety of goods sold by the pound and approximately how many cups are in a pound of that product. I found it very useful when planning menus and calculating how much I needed of something. It's also good when trying to compare prices.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - Get Real Edition

I'm trying to mostly use what we've got on hand this week, and I'm "getting real." You know what they say about the best laid plans. My menu is no different. There are many do overs this week....again.

On to this week's menu:

Meatless Monday

Breakfast: Cheese Grits

Dinner: Tomato Cheddar Mac and Cheese

Tried and True Tuesday

Breakfast: Triple Berry Muffins

Steak Pitas with green peppers and onions (not a do over--we just really like these!)

Work less on Wednesday

Breakfast: Eggs and salsa

Dinner: BLTs, baked beans, salad (do over from last week)

Thanksgiving Thursday (named after traditional post-Thanksgiving menu planning): Leftovers!

First Time Friday

Breakfast: Baked Donuts (Totally forgot about Halloween! Definitely a do over this week.)


Simple Saturday

Breakfast: Oatmeal

Dinner: Tacos (No, I'm not kidding--we still haven't had tacos)

Slow Cooker Sunday

Absolutely Delicious Bran Muffins (another do over)

Dinner: Roast, carrots, potatoes, salad, rolls (another do over)

For more menus, visit!

Four Reasons to Vote on Nov. 4th

Of course there are more than just four reasons, but here are some I have noted*:

1) Free milkshake at our local Chic - fil - A (not sure if this is nationwide - I've also read some are giving a free chicken sandwich - YMMV).
2) Free cup of coffee from Starbucks (if you're into that sort of thing - personally, I don't drink it.)
3) Free scoop of ice cream at Ben & Jerry's between 5pm-8pm on Nov. 4th.
4) Krispy Kreme is giving away a free donut.

Seriously, vote because it is the responsible thing to do! As the famous shoe maker says, "Just do it!"

*More offers advertised all over the Internet--Google it for a more complete list applicable to your area.